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In the USSR we were told: the USA — is a strategic enemy. There were weird ideas to surround US by artificial islands with nuclear weapons. But despite this — people fled across the ocean! In the years of independence we heard that America organized the Orange Revolution, and in 2013 — the Revolution of Dignity! The further, the more interesting. “Russian World” came in Ukraine, including the fight against the USA, as though, Obama started the confrontation in Donbas. But we — are the one people and only together we can build common future! It turns out people do not want illusion “Russian World”, do not want to keep body and soul together, do not want “feed the whole Ukraine”! They wish to feed yourself corny and faced with a choice: stay or go?analyzing Volodymyr Mula, Director of the American Dream movie. Having behind with me a handful of questions, I collected all my savings and in fact with a cold in hand I went overseas. To show the real state of affairs in the United States through the eyes of sincere and frank Ukrainian and immigrants from the CIS, that at one time had a difficult choice and left their homeland in search of a better life. Life, which had to start over. Living in an entirely different world — with an entirely new laws and other rules. Living without charities and donations, without total dependence and total fear, living within your means.

The number of emigrants from the Soviet Union and post-soviet European countries to the United States became critical in the 90’s. During 15 years almost a million people from the USSR moved across the ocean. For the USA this number of immigrants from their strategic enemy became a real problem. The Americans demanded the Congress to change the legislation. But the constitution, signed by Benjamin Franklin, is based on democratic values and freedom. In the immigrant country all immigrants are a priori equal.

In the West from the very beginning the USSR was considered as Russia and therefore the fugitives from there were all called “Russians”.

Jews, Moldovans, Gypsies, Armenians– in immigration the representatives of minority groups become Russians even faster than at home. Russian language is an unconscious rope that binds people. The only counterweight to Russian community in the Northern America are Ukrainians with their household Ukrainian language.

This film is a trip of Ukrainian journalist in a cabin of trucker, his compatriot. 11 American states. Two oceans, two borders. 10 000 km of roads. 350 gigabytes of footage. About a hundred thoughts and dreams of people with different color of skin and color of soul

Volodymyr Mula – journalist, reporter, presenter, producer, CEO of the TeleProstir Studio. Author of cycle of report about Rio de Janeiro, informative and entertaining cycles “Baltic states” and “American Dream.”

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