American Dream. In Search of the Truth

TeleProstir Studio
Volodymyr Mula
Volodymyr Mula
Director of photography
Stanislav Tkachov
Mykola Vasylkov
Mykola Syrokvash
Oleskandr Strokach
Andriy Lunnik

Film Story

“American Dream: In Search of the Truth” is the continuation on the lives of Ukrainian immigrants living overseas. In the film, viewers will learn about the stories of eight Ukrainians who had left their homeland and moved overseas in the pursuit of success.

The film features singer Mika Newton, Hollywood actress Tetyana Rodyna, Major League Soccer champion Dmytro Kovalenko, famous doctor Yuriy Melnyk, Twitter programmer Arsen Kostenko, inventor Vadym Chalenko, Columbia University professor Yuriy Shevchuk, and sports lawyer Olena Zhyrnova.

“This documentary makes you think and one of its goals is to have Ukrainians look around and open their eyes,” comments producer and director Volodymyr Mula. “Why didn’t your neighbor make it here, but reached new heights in America? In a completely different world, without knowing the language, without friends or money! Did they get lucky? Maybe the food there is different? We purposely found these successful people – Ukrainians – from all different walks of life, and proved that the treacherous and painful climb to the top is a reality. However, the climb is not possible without the fundamental principle of community.”

The film was made over the course of a year. Filming was carried out in the span of two months in the beginning of 2016 and took plaee in four different American cities – Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

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