“American Dream. In Search of the Truth” documentary has been added to the library of In-flight entertainment systems of Turkish Airlines. The movie is available for viewing by passengers with English subtitles both on domestic and international flights to Europe, Asia, Africa and Americas.

 «The presence of the “American Dream. In Search of the Truth” documentary in one of the world’s best airlines’ entertainment system can be defined as a significant step towards recognition of the Ukrainian product in the international market. It’s really amazing! I am grateful for this fruitful cooperation, realized with our partners from Turkish Airlines Lviv Office» – says the producer of the movie Volodymyr Mula.

The world premiere of the “American Dream. In Search of the Truth” documentary took place on April 29, 2017 in London. In Ukraine – on 5 May, 2017. In general, the film was presented in many Ukrainian cinemas.

“American Dream. In Search of the Truth” documentary was released in the US, England and Ireland as well. Documentary was also added to the library of Amazon Prime video services in the United States and the United Kingdom markets.

The international television premiere of the movie took place on January 25, 2018 on the Current Time television channel.

In the movie, famous Ukrainian journalist travels across the US in search of successful compatriots who choose to shape their fates in distant lands.

The movie features singer Mika Newton, Hollywood actress Tetyana Rodyna, Major League Soccer champion Dmytro Kovalenko, famous doctor Yuriy Melnyk, Twitter programmer Arsen Kostenko, inventor Vadym Chalenko, Columbia University professor Yuriy Shevchuk, and sports lawyer Olena Zhyrnova.

The movie was made over the course of a year. Filming was carried out in the span of two months in the beginning of 2016 and took place in four different American cities – Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

American Dream. In Search of the Truth

Genre: Documentary

Duration: 90 min

Producer: Volodymyr Mula

Director: Volodymyr Mula

Director of photography: Stanislav Tkachov

Script: Mykola Vasylkov

Voice: Mykola Syrokvash

Sound: Oleskandr Strokach

Editor: Andriy Lunnik

Starring: Mika Newton, Dema Kovalenko, Tetyana Rodina

Supporting heroes: Vadym Chalenko, Yurii Shevchuk, Yurii Melnyk, Olena Jirnova, Arsen Kostenko

Studio: TeleProstir studio

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Official website mriya.teleprostir.com

Official Facebook page – Facebook

Amazon Prime VideoAmerican Dream. In Search of the Truth 

“American Dream” is the project of Ukrainian journalist Volodymyr Mula. This film is a journey, in the cab of a truck with a Ukrainian long haul trucker across eleven US states

“American Dream: In Search of the Truth” is the continuation on the lives of Ukrainian immigrants living overseas. This time, Mula travels across the US in search of successful and famous compatriots who chose to shape their fates in distant lands.

Volodymyr Mula is a journalist and director. Worked as a reporter on the popular Ukrainian TV channels: “1+1”, “UA: First”, ICTV, as well as a special correspondent for BBC Ukrainian. Mula is the author of a reporting cycle on Rio de Janeiro, and the infotainment projects “Around the Baltic States” and “American Dream”.